Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our Sam Visit

Last night Sam came upstairs to visit us. He's a bit of a nutcase, moreso than I recall. He spent a lot of time screeching in Loki's ear, apparently he still blames the gimpy mutatoe for his back injury and tells him about it every chance he gets. Mutatoe was VERY patient with him and let him scream for a while, then went into his crate and hid.

After giving the mutatoe an earful, we decided that we all wanted to play, which left the human woman gulping sedatives. Hey, Sam started it by bumping me with his chest! I only retaliated by trying to hump him, which I've learned is definitely a no-no (again with the double words thing) from now on. Apparently standing on the couch and slapping his back with my claw is out, and apparently body slamming is also a no-go. Eesh, what does she expect us to do with him, stare at him?

We made nice and didn't hurt him, although his yapping was driving me to claw, and eventually lay down for a quick nap. He still can't jump on the couch upstairs, or at least he pretended he couldn't. Seems a bit suspicious to me, since the upstairs couch and the downstairs couch are the same size and he doesn't have ANY problems leaping up and down off the downstairs one. He's such a suck up.

We thought for a bit that maybe the humans and Sam would all sleep upstairs that night, but apparently his visit wore him out pretty bad, and he was a bit creaky after the experience, so we got word that they would "take it easy" on him and do short visits building up to longer visits. At this rate we'll be in the old dog home by the time he "recovers" sufficiently to be in the pack again.

(I yearn for our normal routine of abuse and riccochet)


  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Oh, I am glad that you three had a great visit. Meeshka, while you want to pummel sweet Sam, you do have to let him heal!!! I love your cartoon for today! Very cute!
    Hugs, Sitka

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  3. How nice Sammy came up to visit. He probably misses those riccochet games, too. Has the poor guy grown any fur back, or is he still half-naked?

  4. Just try to remember he's spineless, so he can't take much. Hopefully soon though, as long as you let him heal!! (I know, patience is certainly not one of my virtues either!)

    Love the toons!!!


  5. I bet he feels weird around you guys.

  6. I'm glad that Sammy is making progress!

  7. Good to see he is healing up enough to visit you. I just love the cartoon, Had me laughing,
    Puppy Kisses, Sooky

  8. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Meeshka, you are so cute and fluffy. I just wanted to say that I absolutely ADORE the cartoons. So cute.

  9. That was a funny cartoon ! har har har!! :)

  10. That's great that he's healing up and getting healthier!
    PS: Stormy made Dave post something today that you might want to see. it's the "Going Bananas" post.

  11. Meeshka, you are a very talented artist! I know it's hard, but you gotta be easy on Sam....that way he can heal completely, and THEN you can pummel him again!

  12. You have been most patient Queen Meeshka. Perhaps you should slip Sam a little chocolate--that will revv him up and maybe he'll forget his pain and get back to the normal ricochet routine. I mean really, it's been months now.

    Maybe he's working some angle on the humans you haven't yet deciphered (hard to imagine, but it's possible)

    See ya