Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Could Be a Model!

We had some visitors yesterday, and from the smell, I could tell that it was Indy’s human woman and human man!

Thanks for the knock-knock joke you left on the human woman Indy, we all sniffed that several times and laughed. No, I don’t think its fair that they left you all alone even with some kongs, and next time that Mike guy comes over, sling the peanut butter kong at you for yelling at you... peanut allergy shmallergy.

I got to meet Indy’s human woman, and Indy at an event. Of course I was on my best behavior at that time. One must always behave at events, because if you don’t, then you won’t get to go to another one. Plus I really love acting all cute, fluffy, adorable, and well mannered at events because the human woman says I’m evil and I claw her and I’m mean to her... so when I go to events and look cute and fluffy... they think she’s lying.

This time Indy’s human woman was in MY territory, which means clawing, torpedo nose to the eye, and I tried to french kiss her again (she fell for my kisses at the event and I got to slip her the tongue... you should have seen the look on her face). Mutatoe even jumped on her, got a few bats in with the spongy paw. Of course they spent time down with the pathetic spineless Sammy. He put on such a mournful wailing that they thought he was being tortured or something, so they had to check on him. Once they got down there, he, of course, sat on them and they thought that was so cute.

The human woman and Indy’s humans left for a long time, leaving us to torture the human man for several hours. That was fun! We need to go out, let us in, we need to go out, let us in, Sam needs to go out and so do we.

When the human woman returned, she brought Indy’s humans back in with her, so even more clawing and torpedoing and jumping. It was great fun!

I really like Indy’s human woman, because she told me that I could be a Lane Bryant model! Yes, I know that I am fluffy and sleek and could outdo any of those thin, gaunt, sickly looking human models that strut down the runway. I would strut with my delicate little feet down that runway looking all fluffy. Of course I could have been doing that before my career as an award winning show dog was cut short by that horrible spay surgery... but after Indy’s mom told me that I could be a Lane Bryant model, well, it just never occurred to me that I could indeed have a career in modeling.

I really need to look up this Lane Bryant person. I’m sure its one of those big time agents in Hollywood or New York that would get me modeling jobs and fancy hotel stays, and room service.

I’ll have to look up Lane Bryant on the internet and contact that agency the first chance I get... but right now its time to eat.

(soon to be supermodel)


  1. Love the dog. We have a Malamute.

  2. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Oh Meeshka.. soon you will be singing, "I'm a model, you know what I mean.. and I do my little turn on the catwalk". I can not wait to see your portfolio!!! Too bad that Indy did not get to visit???

  3. Indy's hoomans are really mean...can't believe they didn't bring him along!
    PS : I'm sure you'll make a wonderful supermodel. woo hoo!

  4. Meeshka, why did she pick Lane Bryant and not Gap or Banana Republic or Old Navy or Liz Claiborne. Is she trying to tell you to cut back on snacks? hmmmm

  5. Meeshka, I was most upset with my humans for not taking me to your house. Yes, they left me with peanut butter Kong and a Kong ball full of cookies - so what!

    Good for you for torpedoing her in the eye - serves her right!

    Hm....I don't think you want to know who Lane Bryant is. I will go yell at her for saying that!


  6. Hmmm...Lane Bryant? I think you're more of a Victoria Secret kinda gal.

    Slobbering over you,
    Thrawn from The Brat Pack

  7. Fluffy is in, and since you are model material, then I also wanna be one, cuz I'm fluffy and beautiful too!!