HULA Hall of Fame

There is something special about this bunch. When HULA was first conceived, the actual brainchild came from reading their human woman's exploits and their fine art of driving her stark raving insane, and yet she also spoke of their misdeeds with such wistful fondness. It is with great pleasure that I am hereby announcing the first ever entrants into the HULA Hall of Fame.

Without further ado, I present the exploits of true HULA covert operators: The Hubley Hooligans!

We Hooligans can truly say we've done it all, there's not much we haven't subjected our Mother too and we feel she is well on her way to the nut house.

All our dirty deeds are on BLOG

1. we regularly disturb Moms sleep, destroy her ability to travel, make her clean daily, we always make sure one of us gets sick if she's going away :)

2. make like we are not breathing, disappear or hide on her, Pride growls at her if she even points at him and won't come when he's called, Weaver screams like he's being murdered, once in Petsmart and always when he's sledding,

3. Destroy anything we can get our paws on, couch, moulding, dog house, fencing, chair, CD's, remotes, money, Cross Stitching, leather whip (Gemini pooped that out for days on her walks :), toilet paper is fun,

4. When Mom shops she always has to get something for us and she spends countless hours in the basement chopping up our raw lamb for us

5. she will attempt to dress us up but it never goes on long if there's a group of us so she has to separate us to dress us up

6. we all like paper towel & Kleenex, Tasha used to be able to get Moms garbage can open in Moms room and eat Kleenex and spread it every where for Mom

Hubley Hooligans
"Some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the hydrant."


  1. The Hubley Hooligans and their human are notorious, and famous on Sibernet. There is never a dull moment with them, and their stories are the best!

    I didn't know they had a blog!! I will have to start reading it!


  2. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Oh goody.. the Hooligans! How deserving to be in the HULA hall of fame. They do give Marilyn a run for her money, but she keeps up with them. So, will they get a nice award in a nice gold frame???

  3. Holy cow. No wonder they are called The Hooligans.


  4. In that last photo, did the Hooligans toss Marilyn down the wishing well? Toying with the humans is one of my favourite pastimes. Most of them seem to be strongly attached to pillows and cushions. If they see the insides of a cushion on the outside, they sometimes become very agitated. Don't they understand that we Huskies want all creatures to run free including the imprisoned bits which make up the collective "stuffing" of a pillow. We invented "chaos".

  5. Mom says she no longer has any doubt, while the humans are at work, we are on the internet reading blogs and getting ideas. She says the hooligans sound just like us, and she must be totally insane because she still thinks she wants more of us, even though she spends lots more feeding us, and on health care, than she does on herself and dad. Collectivly she refers to us as Lays, or the Potato Chip breed, nobody can have just one, and once you get started you just don't know when to stop....

  6. I truly believe you must be a little bit mental, one oar in the water, a little left of center to be a Northern Breed owner, especially when you get into multiple's

    Marilyn The Insane Hubley
    leader (sometimes) of the Hooligans


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