Tap, Tap, Tap

Ok every husky (dog and girl-girl)

I'm still waiting for the humans at blogathon to get their site up so I can register! This is so annoying, I'm so ready, I've power-napped, I've flexed my newly sharpened claws, and I'm anxious to get started... even though its not actually starting until 28 July 2007.

The very moment that site opens up, you'll hear about it. I'll give everyhusky the link to go sponsor me, and I'll start posting some of the REALLY (did I mention REALLY) cool prizes that will be up for grabs this year.

On another note, I'm mad at the Mutatoe. I swear, he has this mole hunting thing down to an art form. He sits and stares at the holes. Just sits there. He'll sit there for hours, just staring, and staring. Finally, he ends up with one of them as a toy and tasty treat. So far he's nabbed three moles and 1 bird (not sure how he stared a bird out of the sky, unless it got dizzy from the staring and fell down).

Of course, the reason I'm mad is because HE NEVER SHARES! He just lay under the deck with his tasty treat, lording it over Sam and I. No amount of "I want noise" would make him give it to me.

The human woman got concerned and came out to look. Lately I've been banging on the door to come in immediately after doing my business (its been hot, I'm fluffy, figure it out). She took the tasty treat away from Loki, and yep, you guessed it... over the fence it went.


Ok, I'll just go back to refreshing the blogathon page until they open it up. Crack open those human wallets and get ready for fun.

(a mole would have been nice this afternnon)


  1. Is Sam out of prison .... or rehab ... the hospital?

    Maybe Loki goes by the motto "finders keepers, losers weepers?"

  2. Hmm...I have a question Meeshka, would you share if you got one of those tasty moles or birdies?

  3. We wish they'd hurry up! We keep coming back to look for info so we can spend Mom's money.

    That's not fair nobody has to share with you. Of course, if you caught it then it's only yours but it doesn't work that way for everyone.


  4. Wooos, Meeshka. Hey, if you think those itty bitty moles are tasty, they're not. what you need is a fat juicy rabbit. Now those are tasty! I will bury some of my next catch and save it for you. Of course, we don't live on that 3 acres anymore, we're in a city now, but there must be rabbits around here. Rabbits grow everywhere, don't they?


  5. We can't wait for your blogathon! We read you every day -- what a treat it will be to read you every half hour!!
    - Charlie & his mom


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