Oh, perfect, leave it to the human woman

So after the last blog entry, I wanted to get started on the next one so I would have enough time to go out and potty and maybe have a nice stretch, and there’s the human woman dozing off!

Holy poop, its only around 2:30pm and she’s already getting into nap mode, what’s up with that?

Wait a minute... she had a turkey sandwich for lunch. NOOO NOT TURKEY!!!!

I can’t believe she freakin ate a turkey sandwich, turkey contains tryptophan, which is a sleepy ingredient!

It took several clawings before she actually sat up straight and looked at me with bleary eyes. Oh this is horrible! This is worse than last year when she dozed off at 4 am and left me to slowly tap out my blog entries with my sharp claws and then yelled at me for scratching the stainless steel powerbook!

She’s got 600 pounds of candy, chocolate and ice creams and she eats a sleepy sandwich. Unbelievable! Now there’s no possible way that I can take a quick nap in between blogs because I have to make sure she stays awake! Its quite possible for us dogs to take very quick and restful naps, but those humans, once they close their eyes, its all over with, no amount of clawing, wooing, stomping and screaming will get them to wake up.

I’m going to claw her up the stairs and make her drink that whole pot of coffee, then eat some sugar, then run her around the yard for a while, maybe that will get her blood flowing again.



  1. Sounds like you are doing a great job of controlling the situation.

    -Kelsey Ann

  2. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Someone has to keep the woman in line. I am glad you are on top of the situation!

  3. Humans are so pathetic with their undependability.

  4. Don't let her doze off Meeshka! :D

  5. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Quick dip your paws in your water bowl and then soak her sleepy pants.

    If all else fails...Do you know how to run the ice dispenser on the frig?

  6. give her pixie sticks and full sugar soda!!!

  7. Way to go Meeshka. She has all that sugar, she needs to use it! You just keep up the clawing.



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