Not Talking To the Human Woman

I am SO mad at the human woman right now.

Apparently while I was napping and conditioning myself for Blogathon, she gave some interview to some guy out in Washington state about how SHE does all the blogging, and how SHE comes up with all of the material, and how SHE is the brains behind this whole thing.

You you kidding me? The fluff sweat and tears I put into this blog and she just takes over and tells the world... well, probably the three people that read that online newspaper, that SHE’S the one doing all the work.


I’m not talking to her anymore. No more wooing, no more sitting on her head, no more clawing... well, maybe I’ll keep clawing her.

I’m telling you, its going to take a public apology and a whole roll of livergreat before I start speaking to her again.

You can also blame her for my not posting any cool blogathon prize pictures tonight. I’m so mad I can’t do anything but lay on the floor and look fluffy and pout.

(she doesn’t do anything, she just sits in front of the powerbook and does stupid things, I’m the brains of this outfit, I cartoon, and I’m funny, and I do all the work and she’s such a glory hound, I swear I have half a mind to run away from home, if I could take the air conditioning vent with me, because it really is hot outside, plus I’d need some food and treats and I don’t have any pockets to carry them in, so that will be problemmatic)


  1. Well, of course, Meeshka, everyone knows she's not smart enough to write this cool blog. She's jealous of your overwhelming talent. She almost can't help it. Wouldn't you be jealous of you, if you were her??
    If you pout a while, and claw her good, maybe you'll get some extra liverwurst, though.

  2. If you do run away make sure you take your livergreat with you. I'm sure she didn't mean it.....humans ar stupid and think they take care of us....yeah right!

    -Kelsey Ann

  3. Anonymous9:39 PM

    oh meeshka i laughed so hard i cried!! YOU are funny! and of course the human woman is NOT! and i will just say now that i don't think i will be allowed to check in on the other blog mentioned in that article.

  4. Meeshka, how could she? She just wants all the glory, that's all. I am so sorry.

  5. Queen Meeshka,
    perhaps you had your fluff in a huff and didn't find this tid-bit hidden in the interview, it's from your human woman, I quote:

    "...If you tell people that (meaning she writes it) in your column I will deny saying it, as of course Meeshka does the actual writing :) "

    So she did actually did give you credit. Come on, how could she tell them the truth-- that YOU are the REAL brains & REAL wit ...other humans would think she was loony & lock her up! She was just trying to save face.

    I think you should give her a second chance...if she promises to give you a an unending supply of livergreat!


  6. We all know you are the brains. In fact ALL dogs are smarter than their humans. I mean, we understand them, we may choose to ignore them, but we DO know what they are saying. But do THEY understand us? NOT!! Which, is probably a good thing when you really think about it! hehe


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  8. you are so pretty ....

  9. That's SO cool you're in an article. I don't know what you're going to do about the human though, that's out of hand.


  10. The nerve of that hooman. tsk tsk....Maybe you should give your side of the story in another interview with the same guy!

  11. WOL!!!! Your human woman trying to steal your thunder?? That is UNTHINKABLE! Who does she think she is!!!!! I'll start looking for a portable air conditioning unit for you.



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