Thursday, July 26, 2007

Prizes Galore!

Ok everyhusky, dog, and girl-girl,

Sorry for not blogging last night, the evil human woman had something she had to do and was not at home for most of the night (and she password protected the powerbook AGAIN after that little incident with the internet pet medicine catnip order), so I was unable to blog and she was tired when she got home (insert sad music here for the human woman).

I can't believe that in TWO DAYS blogathon 2007 starts! I'm so excited and I hope you are too, because I still have a WHOLE bunch of prizes that I haven't showed you yet, so some will just have to be a surprise during blogathon, so those staying up with me are gonna get some cool stuff.

Since I'm in power nap mode right now getting all rested up for the fun starting Saturday, 28 July 2007 at 9am (eastern), without further ado, here are some more prizes:

Meeshka (the fluffy)


  1. Awesome prizes Meeshka. I sure hope I win something. Cant wait for the blogathon.

  2. We're all sooooooo excited here in FL!!! The humom is sill going on her trip (minus a few toes) but she promised to log on at least once or twice and send you messages of love, adoration, and support; as you so richly deserve, from all of us, Your Royal Fluffiness..
    Mom & Dad had to take all 4 of us to the V.E.T today, it was a riot! I know I said in my intro that I wasn't gonna post until after the blogathon, but the story just begs to be told. (at least it doesn't roll over or jump through hoops, that would just be embarrassing)...Check it out, manybe we'll all qualify fur the hula hoop....We've all got our claws crossed.
    Mom says if we're up to it, we may be able to win her the husky sleepy pants so she'll quit hurting our sensitive eyes with the atrocious stuff she wears now. (though I think the latest offings, mama & baby are SO cute!!)If it wasn't for such a good cause, we'd tell her where to stuff her sleepy pants, heehee.....
    Your HULA's in trainging,
    The River Hill Pack

  3. Hey Meeshka, I'm still trying to figure out what time does that relate to in my local timing. Good luck with your blogathon!!

  4. We have one of those grey husky magnets on the fridge. They put it too high for me to eat it, but I'm working on it....

  5. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Woo Meeshka!!! We can't wait for Saturday morning! Wow, more cool prizes. My mom likes the siberian mom holding the baby. how sweet!

  6. Oh, Mom is all googly eyed over the one with the pup.

    I'm resting up so I can stay up with ya.