The Usual

Just as I figured... the usual lunch. At least we got some canned food mixed in with it, but nothing special. You would think this being a big day and all that I would get something to help keep my strength up, but no... the usual food slopped into a bowl and put on the floor. She didn't even cut it up into little pieces for us.

Loki actually ate too fast and gacked a few times, but she just told him not to eat so fast next time. Geesh, she's so hard to figure out. I'll have to scout out the kitchen and see if there's anything tasty within reach on the cabinet we're suppose to leave alone. I mean, come in, she didn't even include dessert or anything.

(you call this food?)


  1. We love cheese! Have you every tried yogurt? It's tangy. Yum!


  2. If you send me your address, I'll place an order on line for you - and I'll even use my hu-mom's Siberian Discover card for you -

    If the doorbell rings AND it is already paid for, the human woman HAS to let you eat it - you need your strength our Queen!

    Warm Woos,


  3. Anonymous12:34 PM

    you should claw her til you get livergreat!! you deserve it today!

  4. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Wow, first you only get crackers as a snack for blogathon, and now nothing special a dded to your lunch. Sigh. Something must be done.

  5. at least you GET lunch .... dachshunds don't eat lunch ... although we did get a two tasty snacks around 11:00 because I whined at the panty

  6. I have to agree with Copper, we dachshunds don't do lunch.

  7. YOU get LUNCH? That is so not fair....we only get lunch and dinner around here....and that's thanks to the annoying one, Canyon, otherwise we used to only eat 1 time per day......

    -Kelsey Ann

  8. She is being totally mean to you, and on such an important day! Maybe you could horka some of the food and really freak her out.



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