We're Sad

I woke up this morning and clawed the human woman awake. She had forgotten to set the alarm, so it was up to me to get her sorry butt out of bed. While she went outside to pee, I came in and checked my e-mail and took a sniff around the internet. Ok, the human woman didn't pee outside, she is dutifully watching me pee every time I go out there. Apparently she must monitor my pee all the time... the vet didn't tell her to do this, she just does and frankly I'm sick of it. Can't a fluffy girl have some privacy.

Anyhoo, while sniffing the internet I saw Opy's post about Sherman and was simply floored. Star and Sherman helped me through last year's blogathon, and I was hoping that Sherman would be there for me this year. Well, he won't be there in fluff, but he will be there for me in spirit. I'm sure he's up there playing with Nikki and old guy-guy Nova and all of the others that have gone before us. Say hi to Fu-Fu for us Sherman!

Apparently all of my blogathon bucks will be going to a gimpy. Heavy sigh... the gimpies always take and take and what do they give back? Ok, so they're fun to chew on, but still.
This is Xia (which is pronounced: Betty):

Xia is a little peanut of a pup that was in a shelter with a HORRIBLY nasty broken leg. Don't know what happened, don't want to know if a human did that to her (because I'd claw them to shreds), we just know that Xia is in foster care with the very rescue I'm blogging for.

See how her poor back leg just hangs there all funny, well not "funny ha ha" but "funny urp, there goes lunch". She's going to go in for surgery and they're going to put pins in her leg and then she'll be in recovery. She will probably want to correspond with Bionic Hip Spineless Sammy and compare spare parts.

Unlike when I'm queen of the world, surgery costs human money, but apparently she's very sweet and has already promised that once she's better, she'll use those cute looks to wrap a human around her finger and make that human do her bidding. So, for this future budding HULA member, I'm pleased to say that all needed blogathon funds will go toward Xia's surgery.

So, if helping a poor gimpy puppy doesn't get you sponsoring me, how about another peak at a cool prize you can win if you DO sponsor me:
Look at his beauty! This is a one of a kind (well, we're only giving one away, I'm sure there are hundreds of them out there), red and white stuffed husky made in my likeness. Ok, it wasn't, dang you guys are brutal. This husky is about 16 inches (give or take an inch) and VERY fluffy and cool. This will be a tough prize to win because its so cool, but someone will be getting this puppy in the mail when they win the contest for it.

Remember, that's just scratching the surface of prizes that will be available to win during blogathon. There are some that are even sooo special, you won't get to see them until the contest is announced, so make sure you get plenty of sleep on 27 July, because you won't want to miss out on the fun and prizes!

(I'm such a tease)


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Woo Meeshka... I know, I cried a sad woo yesterday and today. I didn't get to meet Sherman, but I enjoyed reading his blog with Star. My human is very sad that he passed, but we both know that he is free of pain.

    Oh, that red and white stuffie is CUTE!!! Oh my dogness. You have already shown us so many cool prizes that I have no idea what else you could be packing.


  2. I was so sorry to hear about Sherman. His poor humans and Star. I know how they feel. That is the same illness my kitty Kirby died of back in March. I know there were several former blogger doggies, and lots of Sibes there to meet him.

    I think the cute stuffie does look like you. You ARE fluffier though.

    I can't wait for blogathon to start!! I LOVED it last year, and I know this year will be just as great! I sure hope I can win one of your great prizes!! I will pray and pray and cross all my claws!

    I'm glad my donation will help Xia. And I hope she will find a wonderful furever home once she is all well!


  3. Mom is already totally in love with Xia. Now she's whining that she wants to win thsi prize too. Geez.

    We're so sad about Sherman, poor Star. :(


  4. My mom is hooked on Xia too. Not only did I steal the checkbook to contribute, she sent a second check!
    And she did something else, but won't tell me what it was!!!!


  5. Wow, Meeshka you must be feeling all better. My mom said she wants that husky......she hasn't ever found a stuffed red and white one like me.

    -Kelsey Ann

  6. Thank you, everyone, for paying a visit to our blog. It's been immensly sad around here lately. Even though we know Shermie is feeling good again running around the RB, I miss having him right here next to me. I woo'd a gasp when I saw that little red huskie, it looks like my Shermie boy! (and you too, of course). Maybe we'll be lucky enough to win it during the blog-a-thon. Hu-mom would like that.
    Lookinf forward to the big event-



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