All About ME!

So, you're probably wondering who I am. Apparently you aren't very "in the know".

I'm Meeshka, I'm 4 years old and a show quality Siberian Husky (if those meddling humans hadn't had me fixed, I'd be Westminster Best of Show right now).

Used Kleenex
Soggy Cardboard
Cardboard boxes
Clawing unsuspecting humans
Torpedoing unsuspecting humans in the eye
Air conditioning vents
Going places

Riding in the car (makes me sleepy)
Thunderstorms (totally freaks me out)
People touching my feet
Getting brushed
Getting wet (except for mud, I like mud)
Having people walk too close to me when I'm asleep
Other dogs chewing on MY chewbones

I'm very important in this house. I have to wake the humans at 5:30am so they can let me and those other interloper huskies out, then feed us. I make sure the others don't try to steal the food.

At 6am I have to wake those lazy humans up AGAIN so they can fix my kong treat before my nap.

I demand lunch at noon, then dinner at 6pm sharp.
I make sure the other huskies don't get tasty things out of the yard before I get to taste it. If they fight over something tasty, then its up to me to make them stop so I can have the tasty thing.

When it storms, it's up to me to wake all of the humans up by clawing them, then getting them to leave the bedroom for their own safety.

I have other duties, but I'll go into that later, I'm very tired and need to nap.