Stupid Human Tricks #5: Stickers

Clothes and hats are one thing, but putting stickers on a husky?

Just plain humiliating. What next? Will they staples things to us? And of all things, an "I Voted" sticker. I tell you what, if we HAD voted, you humans would be eating out of bowls on the floor, sleeping on those "cushy" beds you bought us that we don't like, and kiss those leash laws good-bye, we're running willy nilly.

Poor Ash describes the torture:

Hi Meeshka!
Here is the awful pictures of me and my sticker. Thankfully, after having been on their jackets all day, they weren't too sticky and came off really easily. I was SO embarrassed that I couldn't even bear to move, I just laid there, miserable. It's a good thing that Mom took the sticker off as soon as the evidence photos were done being taken. As soon as she took it off, I jumped up, leapt off the bed, and gave them both the "You're stupid!" woo and demanded a can of food as reparation for the whole incident. I got it. =)

Many good woos!

Very good advice for others Ash, once the humans are done playing "dress up" you should demand payment for your humiliation. Not the usual everyday treats, but special things, like a whole steak!