Husky Escape Protocol

As a husky, it is your sworn duty to escape. Not only does it give you a chance to run free, sniff many interesting things, the ability to meet other dogs, but it also can provide hours of entertainment watching your humans do outlandish things to get you back.

Things to look out for once you've made your escape:

1.) human pulling up in a car while you run, opening a door and announcing "go for a ride?"

Don't fall for this one, they'll only take you back to the fenced yard, not to an ice cream store.

2.) Human calling after you to come back.

Come on, if you fall for this one, you aren't a real husky and should be ashamed of yourself.

3.) Human offering a really good treat.

You'll get fed again, pass up the freebie treat because its only a trap to get you within reach.

4.) Human falling down pretending to be injured.

Sure, we don't like to see the human injured (unless we do the injuring, and that's fun), but they're just trying to fool you into coming back to check on them. Keep running!

5.) Human running in the opposite direction.

This is the most cruel ploy. Sure, it's hard to ignore centuries of prey drive, but this is also a trick to get you to change direction so someone else can grab you.

If possible, resist the urge to keep running and find a good place to hide, then watch the human frantically searching, calling, and getting more and more frantic by the minute. I've heard tales of humans climbing over fences, tripping on things, running into things in their frenzy to get a husky back. These are proud moments in husky history and need to be shared to continue our proud tradition!

Most importantly of all, if caught, pretend like you meant that to happen. Make the humans feel as though their dramatics were all for nothing. Look at them with your beautiful eyes, get all fluffy and cute and pretty soon, they'll be praising you and giving you treats.

You should also expect to have your escape hatch closed for at least a week. The humans will be doubly vigilent in containing you. Let them think they've won, wait until their guard is down, then find/create another escape route when they relax again.


  1. Ah we make like we fall for the Open the Car door and get in trick but truly us Hooligans only get in when we are tired and want to get a treat :)

  2. My owner has given up on all of those tricks :( Now they just chase me and give me no choice but to run into a corner and tackle me.


  3. Anonymous9:52 PM

    I have outsmarted my humans many, many times. You have to know that when they open the garage door, you can run right down the street before they know what happened. The best thing is when visitors come to the front door and don't know not to hold it open wide. That's when I make my mad dash for the great outdoors.

    Silly humans! I have yet to fall for that car ride thing!


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