Husky Helping Paws

A husky's work is NEVER done. There are numerous chores that must be done around the house that only huskies can perform.

Here are just a few of the chores:

Alerting humans to storms
Alarm clock
Making beds

Making beds is an art form. The humans have it all wrong, carefully laying the sheets out on the bed all nice and straight and flat. Every husky knows that things in a ball are much more comfortable.

In our house, the manner in which covers are balled up requires us to run at full speed into the bedroom, we then jump at the foot of the bed, then slide toward the head of the bed, taking all covers with us.

But that's only the technique for making an already human made bed. If the human bed making technique is in progress, it is every huskies duty to jump on the bed as the sheets or blankets are being spread, preferably landing under the blankets and sheets so that your body forms a lump. The humans will try to get you to move, but you must make them understand that flat sheets and blankets are not comfortable, so refuse to leave.

Sgt Zim of the Army of Four clearly demonstrates in the picture the proper way to bunch up a fitted sheet.

Fitted sheets are tricky, in that you must wallow, roll, paw, and roll enough to disengage it from the mattress. This technique also provides the husky with a nice little hidey hole (if you can't see the human, you are invisible). If possible, leave as much fur as possible on the inside of the fitted sheet. This will tell other huskies that the bed has been properly made.

The only drawback to this method is that if you stay in the sheet too long, and other huskies are in the house and do not realize that you've already made the bed, you may get jumped on in their attempt to help with the bed making.

Bravo Sgt Zim for creating a perfect bed!