Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Stupid Human Tricks #4: It can't get any worse (can it?)

Ok every husky, I almost didn't post this because its just too horrific.

I'll let poor Tag explain:

Hi Meeshka,
You know, I am absolutely fine with wearing a Green Bay Packer collar and bandana on game days and think it is a hoot to high five my humans when the Pack scores a touchdown (they are so amused by this simple little feat that I get cookies as a reward), but I have to draw the line with them putting those damn flowers on me!

I am a sled dog after all and I deserve much more respect than this. Can you imagine me running up the starting chute knowing all those silly Alaskans saw me in a flower collar? I would get no respect.

Of course being the superior Siberian I am, I shredded the darn thing first chance I got, but the picture as evidence remains. Could I look more embarrased?

Please spread the word so other Siberians do not suffer my fate. If you see sparkly/flowery/tinkly collars in your human's possesion-do not wait. Destroy immediately. Or else you could suffer my fate.


Tag, wheel dog extraordinaire

1 comment:

  1. Poor dog. Cute, but it looks like he doesn't want the world to see this.