Stupid Human Tricks

Ok, this is the last straw.

I was laying on the bed waiting for our usual bed-time treats, except the humans were lollygagging and not coming to bed. So I continued to wait there patiently (sorta) until the human woman walked in, proceeded to cover me completely with the blanket until only my head peeked through.

I'd like to point out that I'm a husky, I'm already cute and fluffy, I don't need a comforter!

That was bad enough, but then the human woman comes in AND TAKES MY PICTURE! You can see the look of disgust on my face, they're so simple I just don't see how they can function.

I know I'm not the only one that suffers these humiliations. If you have been horribly embarrassed like this, dressed up, mortified in front of your subordinates, and made to look like a fool, send my your pictures. Yes, all of us will laugh at you, but we'll also learn how to avoid these situations in the future. Your embarrassment may help another husky.

Send your embarrassing pics to:

Let me know its ok to post them on my blog, for educational purposes.

Incredibly embarrassed: