The Importance of the Hidey Hole

Part of the essential Husky repetoire is finding a good hidey hole.

You find something tasty that you know the humans won't want you to have, you can eat it in plain sight and get caught, or you can escape to your hidey hole where you can eat the tasty thing in peace and quiet. It's also good for keeping the tasty thing from being stolen by your step brothers and sisters.

Not only is a hidey hole good for eating tasty things, but if it's a really good hidey hole, the humans can't find you, and they freak out, which is always fun. Before discovering this hidey hole, the humans ran around the house for a good 10 minutes calling my name, accusing each other of leaving a door open, and calling each other bad names. I just sat and enjoyed the show.

The smaller the hidey hole, the better. I had several hidey holes in the house until the humans decided to remodel. One was in my puppy crate, which had been turned into a toy box.

Another hidey hole was under an end table, that one was great fun because there were some wires and things that hung down the back, and I managed to chew through a whole bunch of them before the humans noticed!

Loki (the gimpy mutant foot yappy puppy) is thin enough (I could get back there too, I'm not fat, I just choose not to go back there) to go behind the couch. He's also springy enough where he waits for the humans to watch the tv, then spring up from behind the couch onto their laps. Scares the crap right out of them.

It's up to you to find the perfect hidey hole, whether its in a closet, under some furniture, behind some furniture, anywhere you can find that will provide you with tasty eating privacy, and maybe a chance to watch the humans freak when they can't find you.