Husky Definitions

The humans speak a whole different language than us. Apparently they feel that our speech is charming and cute, little do they know what our "woooing" means, and I'm not divulging that information here!

I've compiled a short list of words the humans use with me, and my interpretation of these words. Hopefully they will be helpful to my husky readers.

"NO" = wait 5 seconds and try again

"Stop" = wait 5 seconds and try again

"Give" = Chew really fast and swallow

"come"= No idea

"fetch"= usually combined with the human throwing something she apparently didn't want, like I want it?

"heel" = Apparently means "pull back on the leash and choke me when I'm trying to pull you down the road"

"gentle" = chew on the hand but don't leave deep marks

"go outside" = ploy by the humans to go someplace cool without us.

"Wanna go for a ride?" = yes, a cool trip, but to the place where they poke, prod and then clip your nails, avoid this one!


  1. Woooooo Wooooooooo Meeshka, finally we get our voice. Us Hooligans hate FETCH and refuse to do it but Mom keeps throwing stuff at us and we've taken a few wacks to the noggin. What the heck is she thinking?


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