Husky Instruction #1: The Proper Way to Take Over a Couch

This picture clearly depicts the proper method for taking over an entire couch.

Gather your forces, find your spot, and sprawl. It's essential that you take up every inch of space, otherwise the humans will try to squeeze into a spot.

You'll notice how I have to spread out in order to cover my assigned area, as Nova and Sam are shirking their couch cover responsibilities by curling up.

If you don't have adequate forces, then you'll need to move ALL of your toys and chewbones into the vacant spaces.

Another helpful Meeshka tip of the day


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  2. As the owner of one of your young and impressionable half-sisters, Meeshka, I am not at all certain that I appreciate your publishing tips and tricks for the unleashing of a Husky Reign of Terror right up here where Tashi can read them. If I ever walk into my home office and see Tashi surfing your website, we are going to have to have a serious, serious talk.


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