Ratted out to the enemy

It has come to my attention that my human has ratted me out to her "support" group, and they are, as I type, plotting and planning more evil ways to control us!

A few brave souls have managed to communicate their tales of horror to me when their human wasn't looking.

Poor Pretty Princess Sasha Sue writes that her efforts to provide her humans with some much needed structure and a reasonable schedule (namely attending to poor Sasha Sue's needs) is met with lame excuses for their laziness! I also wanted to take a moment to wish Sasha Sue the best of luck in the Furniture Olympics. I only hope her humans will allow her to continue her practice sessions.

I was simply aghast when Keema wrote in to tell me of a fiendish plot used by her human after a rightful and successful escape:

Keema writes:
"Well, I got out once and mom realized there was no way she was going to catch me. So....she flagged a car down (since she was too far away from Joe's house to go back and get her car) and told the people what was going on. The guy told mom to hop in and I turned around in time to see mom as she started to get into this car.
WAIT....where is she going for a car ride that I was not.

It was a ploy and as I was trotting closer to the car to go with her, Joe
reached out from behind a bush and tackled me. WHAT!!!! They tricked
me. So be careful everysibe that if you get out and you see your humans
getting into another car, other then your own.....IT IS A TRICK!!!!!"

It's bad enough when they try to catch you on their own, but now they're enlisting complete strangers to keep us on our leash of oppression!

Also, one last note, and its very important. I know that members of the Husky United Liberation Army (HULA) have been secretly posting suggestions to the human list to provide us with more treats, better treatment, and more freedom, but you really have to watch the little button on the computer that says "caps lock". I realize these keyboards aren't meant for our big paws, but the humans now know that HULA agents are posting, and one of the signs are a lot of words in capitol letters. Also, make up a human name, they seem to think that unless there is a name, the information is suspect.

Yours in eventual domination of the world