Cruel Hoax Alert

It has come to my attention that the humans are playing a cruel hoax on some huskies.

I was very suspicious when asked my opinion on squeeker toys, as generally I'm not asked for my opinion on anything (food, sleeping position on the bed, treats, whether or not I WANT to be combed or have my nails trimmed).

Upon further investigation, I discovered that there is a plot brewing to drive us insane. Some humans have actually admitted to HIDING SQUEEKERS to drive us insane!

They purposefully get us hooked on squeekers, then they hide them in their pockets and squeek them so we'll run around looking for them!

How would they feel if we hid the remote control for the tv and randomly changed channels on them? Not so funny anymore, is it? Lose your car keys? Gee, I don't know where you could have put them (jingle, jingle).


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