The Art of Skitter

Being the Alpha husky (don't let the humans fool you, they certainly aren't qualified to be Alpha), one of the main tools in your Alpha arsenal is the "Art of Skitter".

You may be wondering why you should skitter. Good question (sigh). As the Alpha, you could simple walk over to the step sibling that has what you want and demand it. If you truly are Alpha, they will give it up, but that's not good enough. You have to be dramatic, dynamic, and flambouyant!

Instead of walking over, start with the low, high pitched keening noise. This is a warning. Those experienced with skittering should simply back away from the object and let you have it.

If they don't, change up to a louder, high pitched wailing noise. This should make the offender pee themselves and hand you the item.

If that doesn't work, then you must change over to a very loud banshee wailing while low crawling at a high rate of speed toward the offender. That gets them every time. They'll run into things in their rush to get away.

Skittering is indeed an art form. Do it wrong and you look really foolish. Do it right, and everything is yours for the taking.

Start out with a good skitter posture.

You need to be laying on your stomach with all 4 feet under you. With a good skitter posture, you don't need to get into position, which means the possibility of losing the tasty item. The offender knows that you're getting into position and could take the tasty item out of skitter range.

The high pitched keening noise is a warning that more is to come. Its easier if they give up quickly, because skittering does take a lot of energy, but it is very impressive. I especially like to do it when I'm laying right under the human woman's desk. You should see her move when I dart from under there.

The skittering prep noise is sometimes confused with the "I want" noise. The skitter noise is more of a "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", where the "I want" noise (followed by a claw to the bare leg) goes more like "EEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr" She jumps at either one, which could possibly throw off my aim during the "I want noise".

By the way, skittering does NOT work with humans, so don't even try it.

Another helpful Meeshka tip