Hey every husky!

We've had quite a rousing success with the HULA Operation (HULA, in case you didn't get your handbook stands for "Husky United Liberation Army) codename: "International Huskies be Obediant for no Reason Week", it completely threw off the humans!

Mika and Shadow had their humans so confused that they didn't properly put away grocery items. They report in that peanut power bars are good for stashing in case of emergency, but don't hide them in the couch, that's the first place the humans always look. They were also able to trash some other goodies in the process.

Malkin was able to successfully complete the "distract and steal" of the bed from his human. You would think that once you've done this enough, the humans wouldn't be fooled by it, but no, they fall for it every time. Just this morning I woke the human woman up at 4:30am to "go out", and managed to run back inside (the key is getting Nova the old guy to go out too, he takes a long time getting up the stairs), and completely drape myself on the human woman's side of the bed. Even Sam jumped on, and the human woman had to contort herself around us, because we look so cute and she doesn't like to disturb us.


Dave, Zim, Storm, and Amber successfully used the husky mind meld to compel their human to buy, bring home, slice and feed them watermelon! This truly proves the power we have over those simple humans.

Everyone must now concentrate on their favorite foods, and let me know if you get it. I'm sure the humans will report their strange buying behaviors to the others on the spy list in case they won't let you use the computer.

Good luck and happy eating!