Distract and Conquer

We just had a lovely case of distract and conquer that required no effort on our part whatsoever.

Food bowls went down, and there's a knock on the door. The human woman goes to answer the door, and Loki, Sam, and I start the race to see who is the fastest eater because Nova has wandered off to help the human woman at the door, leaving his full and tasty food bowl untouched and unguarded!

Loki won, and I'm very disappointed. But on the good side, I heard the human woman tell Loki: "well, you'll certainly get a surprise tonight when that stool softener kicks in".

Note to self: don't touch the old dog's food, there's icky things in it.



  1. Oh Meeshka, I am very glad you did not eat Nova's dinner! Trust me - I have a tummy problem, and I do NOT need stool softener - it sucks!


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