General Complaints

It's too hot here. As a densely fur packed husky, I should be romping in the snow, or partaking in room service at a nice 4 star hotel after winning a dog show, but no, I'm stuck here in the blast furnace of Maryland, land of strange bad tasting bugs.

Keeping my trim figure has been difficult during this hot weather, and the fact that the human woman has put barriers over the tasty cardboard means I'm not getting sufficient exercise through digging. They don't understand that hole digging provides a nice cool spot to lay in.

Tonight I went outside to do "my business" as the humans call it, and Loki attacked me, as usual. He waits near the house until I'm walking toward it, then he attacks, streaking through the yard with his gimpy paw (amazingly fast for a gimpy). I dodge, weave, dash, and he grabs my tail to slow me down.

Have I mentioned how much I hate anyone touching my tail? I do, really hate it. It's a pretty tail, a very fluffy and sensitive tail, and yet this interloper ALWAYS grabs it because he's too slow to drag me down the proper way (by my neck). After he stops me, then he latches onto my neck and tries to throw me down, but he's so puny that I just laugh at him.



  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Let me introduce myself. I am Star, acually Blue Moon Star, also a beautiful densely furred husky with a VERY sensitive tail and dainty feet that I HATE being touched. So obviously we have much in common. Except that I live outdoors 24/7, a veritable hell in this near 100 degree weather. OK, I'm exaggerating. Every day my mom puts me (along with my subservient, Sherman, who adores me, as he should)indoors in her studio during the hottest part of the day. but the last few days she has tried to brush my tail!!! It's driving me nuts!!! I'm enjoying your blogs, because YOU understand! I'll keep reading. signed, equally yours, Star

  2. Anonymous6:26 PM

    My human's been trying to brush my tail, too. Why can't they just leave us well enough alone?


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