Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mind Games

Ok everyhusky, it's time for "International Huskies be Obediant for no Reason week"!

It's up to you to confound and confuse your masters by doing what you're told, being quiet, and generally napping (which is about the only way for us to stay out of trouble).

Throw them for a loop by coming in when called, they'll be so surprised, expect treats galore!

Be really really quiet and they'll come running to see what you've done... and amazed when you aren't doing anything. Watch the look of disappointment on their faces as well. They actually love it when we rip something up. Talk about it all the time to their friends, trying to outdo each other. "My husky ripped apart my entire book collection... well MY husky ripped apart the complete original works of Picasso!"

Give them nothing to brag about for a week, they'll offer you things to shred after that!

Here's another good one, stare at something for a long time, like a wall. Or, run to the door and act like an ax murderer is standing on the other side. When the humans check it out, walk away like "oh, my mistake, nothing there." Do it again in 10 minutes.


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  1. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Dear Meeska, I must be psychic, I knew it was IHBOFNR week! Today I confounded my humans at the dogpark by listening to them - you should have seen their jaws drop open when they told me I could NOT take the pretty pink squeekyball I found home with me as I had planned, but took 2 steps and DROPPED the stupid pink ball and continued to walk to the gate to get my leash on. All the way home they talked about how smart I am (as compared to my not so bright step brother). I also behaved well during potty breaks & came right back, and even let my human brush me, which I hate. Yours truly, Star