Oh, those humans have done it now! That's it, I'm packing my chew bones, kongs, and taking the car and leaving, this is the last straw!

All day today the humans have been sneaking around, at one point they locked us outside for hours while they did devious things in the house.

We all knew something was up, but were not allowed to investigate at all! They even put a bunch of stuff into the upstairs living and gated it off from us so we couldn't investigate it.

If that's not bad enough, OUR BED IS GONE!!!! Oh sure, the humans call it their bed, and those uncomfortable flat things on the floor are suppose to be our beds, but they are delusional.

They took our bed! It's GONE!!! The only thing left in that room are those stupid cushion things and an air mattress. Are they insane? Do they actually expect us to sleep on an air mattress from now on? I don't think so!

Oh, they keep laughing at us and saying a new bed is coming, a better bed, a much bigger bed, but I don't see a bed right now when I need it. How am I to get my beauty sleep?

This is just horrible, I can't believe it! Sigh.

If anyone wants a very cute and fluffy husky, just e-mail me... but you BETTER HAVE A BED!


  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    You can come over to our house. Our human prefers sleeping on the couch a lot of the time, so that leaves a whole queen size bed for the members of our pack to sleep out. You have to watch out for Aurora, though. She chews holes in the middle of sheets.


  2. Anonymous1:43 AM

    i bet your human is getting a new bed ,that happened before with my human.on the bright side,you can dirty up a whole new bed

    Meeshka luvr


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