Question for HULA

Ok everyhusky, we have a real puzzler here.

I received the following e-mail from Thelma (it's a bit long, so be patient), who writes:

Hi Meeshka,
I need some advice here and was hoping you and our other HULA members might be able to help.

I did a silly thing. In typical Siberian style, I showed my superior skills at something my human *wanted* me to do so now she expects me to do it all the time!

Let me explain. First, you need to understand that I am fantastically fast and fleet on my feet. Oh, I know this is a Siberian trait but I am EXCEPTIONAL at it. I am the fastest of all the dogs living here except that silly Alaskan. I mean, really-if you made me half greyhound and called me a fancy name I could go faster too I am sure. But I blow all these other Siberians out of the water. So my human hooked me up in something called a "harness" and attached me on some long leash thingy and then she had the gall to tell me to pull while she went for a joy ride on this big tricycle thing behind me. I mean, I did all the work and she was just laughing and having a good old time. But of course I was wonderful at this and just me and Malibu pulled her all over the trails.

So here is the trouble. The tricycle thing slows me down. Big time. And the human makes me go where she wants, these things called trails, not allowing me to go off the "trails" where the really neat stuff is. So I have staged a few, well let's call them, "Siberian strikes" and decided to not really pull but rather just hang around for the ride. She is not happy. She told me that I have a choice. I either decide to pull along with the rest of the team (that strong Tag always shows me up!) or else I will stay home on race weekends while the team goes off on their sledding adventures. I was fine with the staying home thing until she mentioned, gasp, KENNELS! She is going to put me in one her kennels where those "foster dogs" live!!!

Can you believe it? My fancy tushy sitting on concrete rather than a couch??????? For a whole weekend? Oh sure, they are indoor kennels and heated/air conditioned and filled with shavings with dog houses etc etc. But still, me? In a kennel? For a whole weekend???? What is a girl to do?

So, do I cave and be part of the "team" (I am very good at this, remember-I just prefer to run loose which she will NOT allow ever while we are on those "trails") or do I hold my ground and sleep in a, gasp, kennel, for the winter weekends?

Anxiously awaiting your thoughts,
Here is a picture of me and Malibu out on the trails one day. I am the stunning beauty on the right. Little blurred, but what can I say? I am fast!

Dear Thelma,

This is EXACTLY why huskies shouldn't do what the humans want us to do! Sure we're born to run, sure we're born to pull them on things, but that doesn't mean you have to do it if you don't want to. Good for you for going on strike, it still proves that you have some power over the humans. Unfortunately, the consequences of your actions is the KENNEL (egad).

You can delay the kennel for one trip by doing this: PULL, pull like you've never pulled before, and gain the human's trust again. She'll take you on this trip, where you can relax and have fun and spread the HULA word to other huskies... then refuse to pull.

Sure she'll be mad, sure she'll threaten you with all sorts of horrible things, but you at least get one good trip out of it.

When you get back from this trip, she probably won't expect you to pull again, but eventually she will, and then you PULL again! Pull like the best of them, and she'll forget your little stint, think you've learned your lesson, and take you on another trip... where you wear your harness with pride, lay down and take a nap and refuse to move.

You can probably milk this for about three trips (humans are forgetful creatures) before you are banished to the KENNEL.

If any HULA members have any other plots, please let Thelma and I know by e-mailing me at:

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