Basic Husky Rule #1

Apparently there is a need to teach the humans some simple, basic husky rules for a more harmonious household.

This need to teach was brought to my attention by the long suffering Indy, who writes:


My silly humans left out not only my plastic bucket of liver treats, but also a bag of mail and a bag with peices of plastic in it. Of course, I HAD to break the container of liver treats and eat my fill (burp), then I was having so much fun that I had to shred the plastic bags as well. Then my human father got home and was angry at me! Don't these humans every learn? If you leave it out, we will SHRED IT! Huskies HAVE to do that, it's a RULE! Please use your blog to notify humans about this universal Husky law!


Sigh. Those humans.

Ok, so listen up all you humans (and I know you read this to learn our innermost secrets), here is RULE #1 of huskies:

SHRED! SHRED stands for:

See it
Have to have it
Rip it
Eat it
Destroy it

See, now wasn't that simple? We've already explained that huskies must inspect rooms that were modified, or rooms that were added. Part of that inspection includes SHRED. If it's where it isn't suppose to be...

Call it our way of helping you humans put your stuff where it belongs. Next time (once you've bought a replacement), you'll put it back where its safe, now won't you?

On another note, I just wanted to congratulate Loki for a victory tonight. The human woman made salad with sprinkled shredded cheese on it. Using the distract technique, Sam was able to lure the human women out of the kitchen long enough for Loki to lick all of the cheese from one of the salads.

Way to go Loki and Sam, good husky team work!