Monday, August 15, 2005

Sad Times For Us

Last week my distant friend Sindari crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Yesterday my friend Kemo Sabe of Nittany (Kemo for short) passed away as well.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kemo at one of the events that my humans took me too. It was our job to lure the people to the booth and behave (which is tough for us), look pretty (that's easy), so the humans can tell the visitors about our breed (leaving out some very important information, but hey, they try).

Kemo was quite a lady, elegant, refined, and beautiful. She carried herself with confidence and everyone just adored her. She did tricks, but she did them with such a flair, that it was ok that she did tricks. She made them look good.

We all behaved ourselves those three days, but I got to hear some of the Kemo stories, and she was a husky through and through. If you'd like to see a picture of her, go to:Kemo's Picture scroll down toward the bottom, that's Kemo wearing the husky backpack.

The night is a bit darker tonight because such a shining star has dimmed, but she waits for her mistress across the Rainbow Bridge with Sin, Zen, and Crystal (more of my good friends who have passed), and of course Nikki.

God Speed all of you!

A humbled Meeshka

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Bstermyster said...

How did she pass away? That is really sad. She was beautiful! I am sooo sorry.