Medicine is ICKY!

I think it bears repeating the medicine is ICKY!

We all KNOW its icky, because we refuse to take it, and force the humans to put it in tasty cheese, or tasty peanut butter, or tasty food. We will eat around it, spit it back out, but they insist we take it (for our own good), and force it down our throats.

With that, I want to remind every husky that humans usually have something called a "medicine cabinet" where they put all of their icky medicine. The medicine cabinet should be avoided at all costs!

Rowdy posted a good reminder why both chocolate and medicines are bad for us:

"Howdy Meeshka,

Some things to add to your not to eat list. We had company last Christmas and everybody was coming and going getting ready for the day we all get presents. All the humans had left me home by myself and as usual I was looking to see if Mom had left me any treats stashed around the house. She often hides stuff for me to find. Well I found these 2 big pieces of chocolate and peanut butter in a very pretty wrapper. I was very polite and didn't tear up the pretty wrapper to much but ate the chocolate and peanut butter things. The were so good. I went back looking for something more. I found this white bottle and when I shook it, it rattled so I knew there must be something good inside. So I chewed up the bottle to get to the goodies inside. I ate most of them. But by the time my Mom got back home I wasn't feeling very good. When Mom got home, I walked up to her and got sick right in front of her and the the other humans. It was very embarrasing. But I couldn't help it. I did it again several times. Mom started running around the house crying trying to figure out what I had gotten into. She found the pretty wrapper and the what was left of the white bottle. She called my Doctor and took me to see him. She told the Doctor I had eaten 2 Reeses Peanut butter cups and almost a whole bottle of Advil. The Doctor checked me over and said I would have to spend the night. Then they stuck me with this needle thing and left it in my leg and hooked it up to this bag. Mom said it was medicine that would make me feel better. I had to spend the night in this cold cage. The nice lady there said my mom was very worried about me and was calling to make sure I was alright, about every hour. The next morning the Doctor told my Mom that I could come home if someone would be there to watch me all day. In a couple of days I was back to myself and trying to get at all the presents under the tree. Doc said I was lucky and there was no permanent damage, what ever that is. Mom say it was the Advil stuff in the white bottle that made me so sick. I think it was the chocolate and peanut butter things. Now anytime I smell chocolate I turn and go the other way. Anything that make you feel that bad can't be good for you. I don't know how the humans can eat it. If I find it in the house now I take it to the back yard and bury it. I don't want Mom or my human brother to get sick. Sometimes the humans don't know what is best for them.

Rowdy "

The humans should know better than to hide tasty things in their medicine cabinets, because without thinking, we'll get in there and forget that they are bad, and eat them. They should also remember to put things away, because Husky rule #1 states that if there's something there that doesn't belong there, it is OURS.

So, remind your humans not to leave the icky medicine within reach. Give them a good shock by carrying the bottle to them, spit it on the floor, and woo angrily "YOU DON"T LOVE ME!"