Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sam Sits

This is me and my dysfunctional step brother Sam who is sitting on me.

Sam sits... on everything.
Food bowls
Water Dishes

He's got bad hips, so the humans took him away for a few days and he came back all stinky and groggy. For 10 weeks (yes, 10 WEEKS) I wasn't allowed to torture him, hit him, throw him down, NOTHING. I did make fun of the stupid haircut he got, one leg shaved like a poodle. I called him Mr. Fancy Pants, he didn't like that.

The humans explained that he got a new hip, a bionic hip. Silly humans, that was just a tv show, but Sam (because he's a guy) actually believed that, so now he throws it in our faces all the time... literally.

He sits on you. Overpowers you with his steel hip. The picture is of me, being sat on by Sam, who is also gloating about his hip, the powerful hip of steel. Yeah, right, duh.

After 10 weeks I ran him down, threw him to the ground and drug him through mud. Compliments of the powerful Meeshka, no bionic hip required.

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