Meeshka Money

In case you couldn't tell, this isn't real money.

My humans don't have this kind of cash laying around or else I'd have a diamond studded dog collar and a butler to follow me around and do my bidding.

Oh no, this was a staged photo. My human woman thought it would be cute to force me to chew on fake money as a statement about how much it costs to keep huskies. She says that money just flies out the window from our expensive treats, our expensive dog food, and replacing expensive items that we destroy.

Well, duh!

They blame us for the high heating/air conditioning bill, they blame us for the high water bill, they blame us for the high grocery bill (and never give us tasty scraps), they blame us for hair all over (ok, we do have plenty of that, but we're giving creatures and like to share), they blame us for ruining the carpet with our muddy feet (grow some tasty grass and you wouldn't have a mud issue, but leave our holes alone).

So yes, we are expensive, but deservedly so. I don't see a cat thanking you for a tasty dinner by putting its cold wet nose on the bare underside of your arm. When is the last time a gerbil brought you a dead bird? How can a parakeet show its love by throwing itself on you while you sleep?

We're so taken for granted.