Got Your Feets

I wanted to share the charming game that my human woman plays with me. I'm pretty sure we aren't playing by the same rules, but what can you expect from humans.

Apparently the game is called "Got Your Feets". It usually starts while I'm trying to take a nap on the bed. She wants me to leave her alone when she's on the bed? Well, then stop bothering me with your silly little game.

The human woman will come in, and then proclaim "got your feets" as she tries to touch my very sensitive, dainty, and very clean (freshly washed in a water bowl) feet. The more I pull back, the harder she tries to touch my feet. I'm sometimes forced to fold them under my body to keep her from touching them.

The more I protest, the more she tries to touch them, until finally the game turns into: "Got Your Severed Hand In My Mouth"

Ok, I don't try to rip her hand off (on purpose), it's just my way of keeping the hand from touching my dainty, pretty feet. Sometimes I do forget that the human woman doesn't have the protective layers of fur that my step brothers have, and I have left a few marks, but they were entirely by mistake... her mistake when she tries to escape the husky teeth of doom.

Today she tried to poison me with that frou frou carpet shaker powder. Maybe tonight I'll play a game with the human woman that I heard someone on the tv play. It's called "Got Your Nose". I'm not exactly sure how its played, or where exactly I can hide the nose where the step brothers won't get it. But the humans on the tv seemed to enjoy it a lot.


  1. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I like to play the game of "bite the human's butt," "snap female human's bra strap," and "shout 'HA!' in the human's ear."

    Humans don't have a very good sense of humor.


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