Monday, August 08, 2005

A Day to Celebrate

You're probably saying to yourself "That's not a husky", and you are right. That is Sarge, he's an honorary husky, and today he turns 12!

The one good thing you can say about humans is that they sure know how to throw a party, and a very good reason to throw a party is to celebrate a birthday!

My own humans celebrate ours with a special trip to Starbucks, then we all get Frosty Paws ice cream before we go to bed.

Well, today is a special day for a very special "Honorary Husky".

Sarge had some medical problems and he almost didn't get to see 12, but his humans (another good thing you can say for them) took him to get help, and now he'll be celebrating in style today!

According to his human, there will be frisbee and ball playtime (and as a good "honorary husky", he should only bring it back once, then insist the humans go get it), munchy treats like Denta-bones, and Yummy Chummies (which my human is too cheap and lazy to get for us, I envy you Sarge).

Tonight's birthday meal will consist of dog food AND Alaskan Salmon (OOOOH), with the obligatory birthday Frosty Paws for dessert, please watch out for those candles!

Of course it is my humble opinion that we should be getting that menu every day, since every day with us is special.

It is important for us to celebrate our birthdays, and also those of honorary huskies. After all, the more dogs we corrupt... I mean convert to the ways of husky, the better our lives will be!

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