What's Wrong With This Picture?

I'm sure every husky recognizes the "International Scratch My Belly" pose when they see it.

Do you know how long I had to lay there like this before the human woman even noticed?

WAY TOO LONG, that's how long!

The humans have been obsessing lately about something called "work", which we're lucky enough not to have. A bit scatterbrained, they actually left old guy-guy Nova outside and forgot about him. He was none too pleased about that.

We've been doing our best to focus their attention back to us (the most important part of their lives).

Loki is currently staring intently at the food on human man's plate, I shoved my cold nose on human woman's bare foot. Even old Nova is getting in on the act, with the cold wet nose on the underside of the arm whine whine maneuver.

Oh sure, they play with us, had a rousing game of riccochet bed last night. We get fed, but I still contest that its not enough and not as frequent as we need, but they're still distracted.

Of course, not distracted enough to leave their plates of food unguarded, but enough to not notice my white fluffy belly needing a rub.

I hereby vow that once we've taken over the world, the humans won't have to work because we want their undivided attention and constant bending to our whims.