Saturday, September 27, 2008

Keeping it Short

Yeah, yeah, I know, I haven't posted in like 10 days (exactly 10 days), but I've been worn out and the human woman has been experiencing something she's calling "creative vapor lock", which is a fancy way of saying "lazy".

Our conversations have gone something like this:

me: claw
HW: ouch
me: claw, claw
HW: ouch, stop it, I'll take the blog prizes to the post office, I will, really, but I don't want to post for you until I do because I know you'll be blaming me for not going to the post office, and frankly have you been to the post office recently? Its full of mutants and morons... wait a minute, your a dog, of course you haven't been to the post office, unless you've been sneaking out with the keys again.
me: claw, claw, claw
HW: OW STOP IT! FINE, I'm going to the post office so you'll stop clawing me.
me: hffft.

So, off she went.
Steve, Kat & Wilbur, Amy M., Hollybollyboo, Dakota, Star and Jack, your stuff went into the mail on friday.
Ben Rotti, your cool limited edition poster got mailed from Canada.
Khyra, the human woman has to get your t-shirt tomorrow, so it'll go in the mail next week
Turbo, Ben and Samantha, your stuff requires a box shape the human woman doesn't have, and she neglected to get it from the post office because apparently this happened while she was there:

At least that's what she claims, you don't even want me to repeat what she said about the people at the grocery store while she was getting our oyster crackers and livergreat.

Now, more important information. I know a lot of you supported me during the week of 100 (and thank you once again) but now its time to support Ben Rotti in his challenge to help the Nowzad dogs!

I will be putting a direct link (that Ben sent me) onto the side of my blog and you best get over there and help these poor pups! You don't want me to come to your house and claw you like there's a thunderstorm out (which there was last night... eesh).

Ok, I promise to post more often.



  1. 'bout time!

    Next time she's SUCH a pawful, hide that khoffee making thing of hers -

    THAT will have her khrying like a little boy!

    I've already pawed that handsome Ben some dollarpounds - and challenged him to khross THE POND to see me!


  2. I can claw anyone you need me to on my world tour, Queen Meeshka.

    Perhaps your human woman needs a chocolatini to help her calm down?

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  3. My Siber-Sib Vada is great at clawing!! She doesn't stop!!!

    My Maw says maybe your HW should try a Blue Moon Martini. It will get her "howling".


  4. Hello Beautiful Meeshka,

    Thank you for threatning to claw all who do not come and get involved! That should do the trick hehehe

    Mum rolled around laughing at your Mom's version of what happened at the post office, she "claims" that this sort of c**p happens whenever she visits the post office too.. do I smell excuses.. before any prizes have even been announced?

    Hmmm.. you sure our two leggeds aint related??

    Ben xxxxx

  5. WO WOO Meeshka

    What to do - It's so hard to train our Humans, isn't it!

    Thor and Marco Polo