Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post 76

Hannah Montana is coming to town! HANNAH MONTANA! HANNAH MONTANA!!!

Oh, crap, never mind. All you pit bulls with lipstick stop storming the ticket venues and demanding tickets, its just Hurricane Hanna (plain Hanna with no "h"). Phew, what a relief, for a moment there I thought we would be inundated with screaming blond wig wearing little teenage girls (and boys if that's what they want to do, I'm not judgemental), with their glitter clothing and fake microphones singing... whatever it is she sings.

No, we're getting a tropical storm called Hanna. Euw. Its suppose to hit us around friday with loads of lovely rain (get out the sand bags) and wind and there better not be any nasty thunder things or I'll be really mad... wearing a shirt mad, stomping my tiny delicate feet mad.

Its bad enough that we'll get a lot of rain (washing away what is left of the carefully cultivated grassy grass), and that I won't be able to go out and take a pee without getting moist and we'll be stuck in the house while it dumps buckets of rain in the yard... making the ground nice and soft and muddy the next day... ok, so maybe that won't be too bad.

Amazingly enough, this Hanna thing is going to hit right around the time that Uncle Jack is expected to leave to go back home with his Sam Satchel. Wow, that is a coincidence that a Tropical Storm is coming here when Uncle Jack is here... bad things like that rarely happen when Uncle Jack visits... insert hysterical laughter here.

So far:
Broken phone that got fixed
Broken T-1 line that got fixed
Broken Tivo that had to be replaced
Broken Directv dish that had to be replaced
still haven't replaced the broken attic fan that broke last year when he visited (note to human woman... fix that)

One hurricane hitting New Orleans, now Hanna and a dozen not so incredibly famous people dying. Maybe he swapped a famous person dying for multiple hurricanes as Ike is now really strong and "worrisome".

The bad thing (well, predictable thing) is that Hanna will hit during the weekend so that means no freaking out and the humans work closing so they can stay home. Figures, ruin a perfectly good weekend, then it'll be nice during the week just in time for work (the human woman added that part, since I stay home, every day is a weekend).



  1. My mum doesn't understand the whole Hannah Montana thing so she is a bit perplexed by this. And I stay home every day too so the only way I know it's the weekend is when mum stays in bed late.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  2. I'm still waiting for Mel Gibson to kick the bucket.

    Huffle Mawson

  3. It's been a banner visit for Uncle Jack this year!

    I hate it when the weather is bad on weekends when the humans are home too. Mostly because we just have to listen to them complain.


  4. GEE -

    Mom just realized she furgot to inkhlude HM (hmmmmm - interesting) on the H artists -

    Maybe she'll do an entire post fur her -

    PeeEssWoo: oh my akhhy breaky heart....