Post 88

Since the humans just got home smelling of burgers and ice cream, I thought it only fitting that I take my empty kong, dribble it down the stairs, the heave it over the banister and land it right on top of Uncle Jack's head. He laughed and (are you ready for this) he tossed it back up to me! Humans are so stupid. Should it have come as a surprise to him that I would dribble it a little on the floor to get some momentum and then launch it off the side of his head again? Well, he thought so, and laughed again and called me clever.

Either he's a sadist, or he's been spending too much time around his lab, who probably hangs on his every word, does everything he tells him to do, and can balance an entire roasted turkey on his nose without even sneaking a lick.

Of course I'm clever, and I'm a bit mad that nobody brought me a hamburger, or even called and asked if I wanted an ice cream cone while they were there getting one for themselves. What did I get when they got home? Yep, bland food. Sure, I got a tiny sliver of livergreat as an appetizer, but no ice cream for dessert. So totally abused here.


  1. You need to go live with Sitka and CM and get some Sonikh!



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