Post 48

Yeah, right, you have got to be kidding me.

The human woman put together that peticure thing and tried to bribe the Mutatoe to let her trim his nails with it. The screaming, shrieking, the blood... and that was just from the human woman after being attacked by the Mutatoe.

Ok, so she lured him into the bedroom with a bagel. mmmm bagel. I was mad that he was going into the bedroom with a bagel until I saw the instrument of torture in her hand, then I sat quietly outside the door and giggled a bit, knowing that he was about to be tortured.

So, the instruction manual tells the human to treat the dog and touch it with the peticure while its off. You have to get the dog use to the peticure while its off, make it seem friendly and happy by bribing the dog with treats.

Well, bagel is good, and having a piece of plastic machinery touched to our bodies and feet is not a bad thing at all, we’ll sit for that... as long as the bagel bits keep coming. Sure, touch that thing to our feet, we don’t care, give us bagel, you can keep touching it to our feet, you can even turn it on and touch our feet with it... but grab a foot and try to shave off one of our talons and we’ll leap up and fling ourselves across the bed with an ear piercing call the SPCA we’re being tortured shriek of mammoth proportions.

Once again, praise us and feed us bagel and sure, we’ll come crawling back and lay on the bed, exposing our delicate little feety feet to you, taunting you with them... make one move to grab our foot and apply that grinding thing to our nail and once again, leaping back, shrieking and perhaps we’ll even land on a delicate part of your body.

I’m guessing that eventually we’ll give up one of these days, but I also guess that the “learning period” for this thing will last weeks, perhaps even years until we even allow you one swipe at our feety feet. Hey, if we give in too early, that means less bagel for us.



  1. Have woo tried khlikhker training on her?

    Maybe a iikhwiid treat or two?


  2. I have an idea......

    You'll need something to sit Sam on, and some wheels. Get a belt, maybe you can snitch it out of someone's sleepy pants? and tie it so it forms a circle. Wrap the circle around one of the wheels on the thing you sit Sam on, and one around the Pawticure thing. Point Sam west, toward the setting sun.
    Turn the Pawticure thing on and off he goes!!!
    You'll have to send him with extra batteries......

    Dakota of the East

  3. yeah Mumb bought one of those torture implements last week.. I just can't wait for her to attempt to use it on me.. is she ever gonna be sorry!

    Ben xxx

  4. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Our humans aren't silly enough to even try...they still make us go to the groomer. AGH! That groomer sure earns her money!
    Sky and Bandit

  5. They will never learn will they? Humans just don't get it. When we shriek, we mean business!


  6. Yeah... we wondered how that was going to work out. Thanks for testing it out for us!
    Tail wags,


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