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You'll notice that I don't have a "dogster" account (also please note that I don't even bother linking to them). I don't like them. I think that they use your cute pictures and your cute words, and your cute linking to your friends and make money off of YOU!!!

Nobody makes money off of me but ME! I'm not going to write all of these words of wisdom just so commercial advertisement-laden dogster humans can sell products based on what I write and then make money and go lounge on a beach somewhere. Think of it pups, what do they have to do with the site to make it run? NOTHING, they just lounge around and eat livergreat on a cracker while you do all of their work and they reap the rewards!

Here's another example of why I don't like them: they segregate cats from dogs! Oh sure, there are some of us that don't get along with cats and all that, but seriously ITS A WEB SITE!!! Its not like we'll get into a virtual tug-of-war with a cat, or someone will get hurt, so why can't you have a dog invite a cat to be a friend?

Because they can't target ads effectively without separation. They are keeping that whole stereotypical war between cats and dogs alive merely for their own personal greed and money making purposes! I know several dogs that live nicely with cats, and vice versa.

Shed the yoke of dogster!
Don't give them your thoughts, ideas, and funny pictures and material!
When you offer someone a bone, the actual dog doesn't get a bone! How lame is that!
If you want to make friends with otherpups and write funny things and post pictures, get a free blogger account, join Dogs with Blogs, and sign up for adsense and make friends, read funny things, and maybe make a bit of dough to cover your wubba addiction.

Phew, I'm exhausted, but you know what? My rant is my own and I can do what I want with it, I haven't sold my soul to Dogster and I never will!



  1. I think Turbo has it on the list of to do's in the first 100 hours -

    PeeEssWoo: I have a page but I'm not akhtive there...I have enough fans 'here'

  2. We all have pages, but that's it. Maybe I should delete mine. I mean my BEST FRIEND is HUFFLE and since she's a kit-kat, they won't let me add her. That really stinks, if you ask me!
    Play bows,

  3. I don't have a page at Dogster, Mum looked at it before she got a Blogger page and thought pretty much what you have just said so we scurried of to Blogger. We happened across FleasBlog and from there to DWB so we don't need Blogger and it's discriminating policys.. anywhere that says you can't be friends with Huffle can kiss my shiny black ass. Huffle Rules!

    Ben xxx

  4. We soo agree with you. Mom was talking to you as she was reading this, saying things like,"You are exactly right. That's just what I think!"
    I explaind to Mom that you couldn'tHEAR her. She does that all the time-talks to tv's,puters...wierd.
    We have never been on that dog$ter thing!

  5. We all have a page, but mostly so everypup else can adore us.

    We definitely like DWB much better!!!



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