Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post 75

So, there I was, outside taking a delicate poo, all in position and concentrating... when all of a sudden there was this horrible noise above me with flashy blue and red lights and I nearly fell over!

It was a stupid police helicopter! I thought for a moment that those nasty geese were about to attack me, but no, it was a stupid helicopter. It was REALLY low, loud and zoomed by me really fast.

Now, I have to ask.. what's with the flashy blue and red lights? I understand the concept of blue and red lights on emergency vehicles on the ground, they mean that people are suppose to pull over and let the emergency vehicle pass by quickly so they can go saves lives... except in merryland where it means that you drive really, really slow in their way, then freak out and run into something, typically the emergency vehicle itself.

But why the need for flashy red and blue lights on a police helicopter? Do they expect other airplanes to slow down and pull over? That seems a bit too much to ask as I'm thinking that another plane would fall to the ground if it had to slow down.

I would also think that if I were a thief, I would hear and see that thing coming a mile away, take my time robbing a house, then hide under a bush so they couldn't see me.

I was so traumatized I didn't even finish pooping and I may need a daily fix of activia to get me regular again.


  1. Police helicopters here don't have the flashy lights. I wonder why yours do?

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  2. Poor Meeshka. At least you will get some yummy yogurt if that does happen to you.


  3. I'll paw a memo to Turbo 'bout that one 'two'