Friday, September 05, 2008

Post 94

It figures. Humans build their houses where other animals lived without any regard to their rude building right where a nice bobcat family had spent their hard earned money to make all nice and wooded. The humans can't afford to pay for the big McMansion they put up and move away and now they're upset when the bobcats move back in? Heck yeah, I'd move back in too if someone built their stupid Spanish looking house on my property, and heck yeah I'd eat their fancy big tasty goldfish if they left them in a pond, why not?

I'm glad to see that the wildlife is trying to take back their land. Just because we don't have the mortgage papers (or a flag... hehehe, that Eddie Izzard cracks me up and he's a snazzy dresser, I bet he's got some nice hand bags) because we don't have pockets doesn't mean they didn't own that property, since they were there first.

Get use to wildlife as your neighbors. Hey, at least they won't get drunk and shoot off fireworks in the middle of the night and set fire to your house!


  1. I agree Meeshka. Stupid humans are over breeding and taking over the wild. I think we need mandatory spay and neuter laws for THEM!