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I think we need to have an intervention really soon.

I just read on Opy’s blog that HER humans are gearing up for that new 90210 show that’s coming on. I know they are hopelessly addicted to the old show and force poor Opy and Charlie to watch episodes over and over and over again. Opy even told me in private that HER humans actually dress up as the characters, call each other by character name and do stylish poses outside while dressed as the characters. Its very embarrassing to the both of them.

There was even some talk about changing their names officially and also dressing Opy and Charlie up as the characters as well.

Hmm, now that I think of it... Charlie does look a little bit like Tori Spelling.

(sorry for calling you a 'he" again Opy... its not that you are manly looking or anything, really... I blame the lack of livergreat)


  1. Oh yes!

    That khalls fur help!!

    I think we khan ask Huffle to help - she's near and her mum knows this sad set of pawrents!


  2. My Human still is happy that Donna Martin graduated.


  3. ::ahem:: Opy is a girl.

    And yes I do know, happy to step in with an intervention whenever necessary! Opy's mum needs all the help she can get!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  4. Haroorooroo!!! That's pretty funny! Maybe Charlie can be Ian Zering instead!


  5. Thank you dear Meeshka for organising this intervention - it really is needed !

    after watching the NEW 90210 last night - mum said what they need to do is slowly reintroduce the old characters and phase the new ones out :)

    Will she ever let it go ?

    PS - I think C$ would make an awesome tori spelling :)




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