Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post 63

Ick, bland food.

The human woman ran to the vet (without taking a shower, I may add) because she was concerned about the Mutatoe's stomach issues and she brought back the bland food assortment for him. Of course, if HE'S on the bland food, then WE have to also be on the bland food. We only got a tiny meager portion of bland food too.

Um, excuse me? Cast iron stomach here, I can eat just about anything (except for those chicken jerky things, which gives me a case of the firehose diarrhea for some reason, go figure), and I certainly can't live on a tiny portion of bland food, I don't care if there was a tiny dollop of the bland canned food in there, it was barely enough to keep my stomach from growling.

I require a certain amount of calories and treats per day in order to maintain my fluffiness and this certainly isn't enough to maintain fluffiness, let alone cultivate new fluffiness since I shed massive amounts of fluffy in one day.

I'm guessing two things upset his stomach:
1.) Him making such a HUGE deal about me slamming his head into the carpet yesterday
2.) the human woman bribing him with bagel trying to trim his mutatoes with that horrible sounding sanding device.

So, clearly its the human woman's fault that I'm now starving to death and eating something that tastes like nothing.

(anyone got a sandwich?)


  1. I have some stinky salmon cookies, but i don't think they would survive the trip.. besides the fact I have to fight the skinkids to get one and Mum is supposed to bake them for ME!

    Ben xxx

  2. My mom had some yummi Thai fur lunch -

    Would that khount?


  3. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Wow your human doesn't cook your bland food? Mom did when I had stomach troubles last year. Chicken breast tenders cooked in plain chicken broth along with chopped carrot. Then she added instant mashed potatoes to it to thicken it up. She will do that one or beef broth, rice, and other veggies. Both are what the vet told her to make for me.
    Yours truly

  4. I could send you some green beans.