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Penn Jillette thinks that humans are stupid too. Finally a human that also thinks that humans are stupid, other than some humans that we know and love... ok, tolerate and allow them to wait on us hand and foot.

I happen to like Mr. Jillette because he named his kid "Moxie Crimefighter Jillette". He's got another kid with another stupid name too, and I like this because after all of those years of bad dog naming oppression, the stars are calling their kids names that are more stupid than dog names. Pretty soon we'll lapse into opposite-world, where kids named "Whoopie Silly Bumpkin Jones" will be president, and his dog will be called William. Mr. Jillette (I'd call him Penn, but I haven't sniffed his crotch yet to call him the familiar name), thinks that we don't need a smart President, we need a stupid president that will leave us all alone. I totally agree!

Well, I'm here to tell all of you that Turbo and Khyra will do just that! Unless you are doing something stupid, the Turbo/Khyra ticket will probably just yell at you and call you stupid, but they won't tap your phone lines, take your money and spend it on a bridge that doesn't go anywhere, or go to war with Guam... even though Guam is one of the states in the "united" states, but they don't pay taxes, well, they do, but it goes to the Guam government, which is akin to state taxes, so they don't actually pay federal taxes, what gives with that crap? I think Puerto Rico has the same thing, so what I want to know is... how do they get off not paying taxes and still reaping the benefits of our taxes? eh? That's stupid, and as President, Turbo has promised that taxes will be outlawed and the IRS workers will have to mandatorily participate in the bi-weekly running of the bulls held in Omaha, Nebraska (Holly will preside as hostess with the mostest mally gal).

So, I'm taking Mr. Jillette's war on stupid as his endorsement of the Turbo/Khyra ticket and we hope to see him at the polls, pulling the lever... or clicking the screen thingy, or whatever they do in those tiny little school gymnasiums that smell like old milk when it comes time to vote.



  1. Hear hear!

    Ugh, old milk.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  2. Yes!

    We plan to bring change - real change - not your fake change -

    I'll have to talk to Turbo about PR - maybe one of you know who's houses is there -


  3. Well, we are all well ahead of things since we all have human names!

    But definitely a siding with Tubey and Khyra!


  4. I like that Penn Jillette human. I enjoy his Bullpoop show. He is a very wise human.

  5. I guess there goes the episode of Penn & Teller BS where they discuss stupid celebrity baby names.



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