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The chocolatini recipe

By popular demand of the lushes we call humans, I'm posting Uncle Jack's Chocolatini recipe. Please note that this recipe is NOT to be sipped by pups and cats because chocolate and alcohol is a bad thing for us.

No, you need to mix this up for your humans who will become as addicted to this stuff as my human woman and then when they are stumbling, falling down drunk, take advantage of their credit cards, car keys, and unguarded food stuffs and go to town... literally, drive yourself into town and buy up as many toys and livergreat rolls as you can before they sober up!

Ok, here are the basic ingredients and now the infamous recipe:

1/2 oz Creme de Cacao
1 oz Baileys or Starbuck's creme or Bushmills, or Godiva creme (shake the Godiva, it gets nasty if you don't)
1/2 oz Vodka
You can add a splash of Grand Marnier, but the humans have been sucking it down without that ingredient.

Mix together in a glass with ice and watch the fun begin.

Now, please note that Uncle Jack didn't have the recipe written down, so he enlisted the human woman as his official taste tester, and she's now getting sloshed again because they tried a few variations of the recipe. This means that although I'm two posts away from catching up... one more glass of this stuff and she's going to be worthless to me again, so I'm just going to give up while she's still typing my instructions in a somewhat sane manner and will resume the posting tomorrow.

Tomorrow's schedule is a light one anyway: the humans plan on cooking more meats on the grill (I'm hoping for spillage) and then the human man and uncle jack plan on playing their stupid gnome in my pants game most of the day, so I should have the undivided and hopefully not too hung over human woman's attention for even more fun, more posts, and more plans to get Spineless Bionic Hip puppy Sam to California.

Good night everyone



  1. Sounds extremely tasty!!! No wonder your human woman is getting sloshed!!

    Ummm, I'm wondering about he gnome in my pants game....sounds a bit...ummmmm....strange.

    There are enough SMS'ers across the country, maybe you could arrange some sort of transport for Sam with the humans?


  2. We are going to print this out and make some for huMom on Friday night. She will be tired and cranky and will probably leave the leftovers out... perfect! I think she even has all the ingredients in her booze closet. If I stand on Maebe's back I just might be able to reach those bottles!

    Woooo woo rar rar rar,

  3. I know we have all those things in our cupboard so mum is probably going to make those this weekend. Not on a school night, she says. But she doesn't go to school!!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  4. If Huffle has all those things her her drinking khupboard, we are heading there to pawty!


  5. My human woman says "Mmmmm!" She said the only thing they don't have is Creme de Cacao, but she will get some. Your plan is working!

  6. Woo there Meeshka~
    I'm not letting my Mom see this one. She's already a horrible assistant and these would do more harm than good.
    What's this "gnome in my pants" game? Mom thinks it's maybe golf but when I look at the words the first letters spell this another type of fund-raiser for the gimpys??
    Your pal,


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