Post 17

While human woman fills up her coffee cup AGAIN, I decided to take a small nap because all of this drama is making me sleepy. As usual, I planted myself between the best air vents in the house until the cold air decides to come out of them (I really need a remote control for that air vent thing, they just don't keep it cold enough in this place).

It was only after I got all nice and comfy (please note, there is no wrong way to sleep for huskies) I realized that my kong was ALLLL the way across the room. I'm sure there's nothing left in it because I'm very thorough when it comes to cleaning up kongs, but it would have been nice to have right next to me. The Mutatoe was outside sniffing, so he's not any help, and as far as I know, Sam is somewhere over the Atlantic (hey, he'll get around the world eventually and end up in California).

I'm pretty sure that the human woman is totally oblivious to my needs at this point and will simply walk by the kong even though I'm sending out definite "I want" noises and vibes.

You just can't find good help nowadays.



  1. Woo khould suggest she starts putting on string on it -

    That way woo khould lasso it with your khlaw?


  2. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Oh I know... you can use your jedi mind and will the kong to you!


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