Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post 65

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Once again we took heed to the lessons on cooperating for photos from the AO4 and the human managed to get this shot, which I like to call "is there someone taking our picture? I don't think so, what is over there, lets look over there for about 10 minutes until that person with the camera goes away" pose.

Please note that I still manage to look regal and fluffy, while Sam sits like a dork and looks like a dork because he is a dork.

Oh, you may notice that there is actual grass in the yard now. Yeah, grub season is over, the moles have realized that the yard is a danger zone, and there's really nothing for us to dig for that's tasty, so we're letting the grass grow for a bit to appease the human woman.


  1. Regal is a good work to describe how woo look and we think Sam is just trying to be nonchalant. Woo did well with your AO4 lessons. And the green complements woo so well.

    Wags, the OP Pack

  2. I personally think you look wonderful in that shot, royalty never looks at the camera you know, it's just not the done thing in royal circles..

    Mum has issues with me becoming "aloof" when a camera appears, one day she thought it would be a great idea to sit a treat on top of the camera to grab my attention..

    I of course lunged for the treat, sent Mum and the camera flying in different directions and then munched down the treat with no regard to the welfare of either. Mum was way too shocked to click which is a shame because me lunging at her full throttle would have been a great one for the album! Just yet another reason why I am justified in calling her dumb!

    Ben xxxx

  3. WOW!

    What a khouple of breathtaking khanines!!


  4. First, are all Sam's a dork? Cuz my Sam is a dork too.

    Second, you ALWAYS look totally fluffy and regal in your pics!

    Third, just cuz there are no grubs or moles, is no reason NOT to destroy the grass, so get digging!