Post 89

I just wanted to remind everyone that just because the contests are over doesn't mean that the prizes stop coming. Nope! For all people registered who haven't won a prize yet, I will be doing a grand master flash, gee whiz bang up, golly gee willickers drawing for the rest of the prizes that are left! Isn't that spiffy cool... hey, stupid human woman, just type what I tell you and stop trying to improvise.

Ok, now that I've clawed her bare leg and she's settled down from the ice cream overload:

After post 100 I will take a day or two off to allow the human woman to catch up on laundry and cleaning since she didn't do any of these things while on vacation. Probably around Wednesday I'll be tabulating all of the pledges and who pledged them, take out the ones that already won something (sorry, them's the rules people who already won something), have the human woman write all the names on piece of kleenex (yum, I love this part) and I'll be drawing the winners of the remaining prizes.


  1. How about some bribery?

    I've got ice khream in the freezer.....


  2. Just be sure not to eat the winning kleenex.



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