Post 77

The human woman, still bloated from her meat frenzy of this evening, is now thinking a bit more clearly as the vast amounts of tasty meatable goodness is flowing through her digestive tract and is concerned about the possibility of losing power tomorrow as Hurricane Tropical Storm Hanna (no "h") Montana races up the eastern seaboard (whatever that is) and hits the merryland state.

Granted, we're only suppose to get buckets of rain and some wind, its common knowledge here in the great state of mass confusion that whenever a wino pees in the gutter on the streets of Balmer (that's Baltimore on the map) the power goes out where we live. What if the power goes out before midnight when the end of my glorious 100 posts is suppose to end, how on earth (or any other planet for that matter) will I be able to finish my quest to post 100 blog entries, thus boring the entire world into a stupor so that I can finally take over and provide sense and livergreat to the masses?

Ok, so she's actually more worried about the fact that her sitting around all week in front the computer stuffing all manner of junk food in her mouth when she's not sitting in an actual eating establishment (she would type restaraunt but she doesn't know how to spell that without the help of spell checker, which yes, it actually fixed her stupid typing this time) stuffing all manner of food into her mouth and how will she ever fit into her good work jeans.

I'm sure all of you are saying "but Meeshka, can't she wear her elastic waistband and stylish sleepy pants to work?" well, NO she's slovenly enough wearing jeans to work and I'm sure someone would tell her that she can't wear fat sleepy pants to work and for heaven's sake put on some real shoes and get rid of those slippers.

I don't relish the thought of tapping out 20 odd posts using the iPhone, but I will if I must so that I can accomplish my goal of 100 posts in 5 days, but that would mean no images and frankly that would be incredibly boring without visuals, so I'm guessing that I need to force the human woman to bed right now so that I can claw her awake at a reasonably early before the sun rises butt crack of dawn time frame so that she can get her quota of posts in before it starts raining and the power goes out.

If the power does go out, you will also most likely hear the ravaged screams of the human man and Uncle Jack who are racing to "level up" their gnomes in the pants characters in their game whatever the fluff that means.



  1. Once again, I khan only say, I'm so sorry this is how your humans are -


  2. Sleep well our Queen!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat


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